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Thank you California!

OK, not the whole state. I mean how can you thank a whole state? I guess I could start walking around the Golden State knocking on doors saying "Thank you", I'd probably have a lot of doors slammed in my face but on the other hand I could move a lot of vacuum cleaners. 

No, I just want to thank the great people who came and saw my performances at the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire over the past seven weeks because without you guys I’m just a guy wearing stupid clothes hanging out in the woods and although that’s an admirable goal (and one I hope to achieve in the near future) I’ve been able to push that date back a few years thanks to the good people who came and laughed and chose to throw a few bucks into the basket. 

I will always do my best to keep you folks entertained from near and afar and I hope you guys enjoy the ride. Don’t forget to subscribe to this RSS feed so you can get new blog posts and hear the new podcast episode that are on the way. Also, feel free to drop a buck or two into the virtual hat if you like what you hear or read. 

So thank you again for the great run at the Renaissance Faire and I hope you continue to be a great audience here on the intertubes.